Total Station

A total station or TST (total station theodolite) is an electronic/optical instrument used for surveying and building construction. The total station is an electronic theodolite (transit) integrated with an electronic distance measurement (EDM) to read slope distances from the instrument to a particular point, and an on-board computer to collect data and perform advanced coordinate based calculations
Following works doing by total station:
• Detail survey i.e., data collection.
• Control Survey (Traverse).
• Height measurement (Remove elevation measurement- REM).
• Fixing of missing pillars (or) Setting out (or) Stake out.
• Resection.
• Area calculations, etc.
• Remote distance measurement (RDM) or Missing line measurement (MLM).
• Providing control points for large scale surveys.
• Boundary surveys
• Fixing route of a river, road, canal accurately.
• Project surveys.
• Alignment surveys and many more.
• True North i.e. Meridian line
• Grid North line
• Magnetic North line
• Any arbitrary reference line.


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Construction Laboratory


1. Dry soil samples are collected from field for analysing soil characteristics.

2. Natural moisture content of the soil mass is to be determined as per IS 2720 (Part -2).

3. Specific gravity is an important parameter with respect to soil and it will be assessed by the standard methodas IS 2720 (Part- 3).

4. In our EDCEA soil classification is identified by conducting Grain – Size Analysis Laboratory Test (IS 2720 – Part 4).

5. Engineering properties such as plastic limit and liquid limit are determined as per IS 2720 (Part – 5).

6. Soil shrinkage factor is assessed as per IS 2720 (Part -6).

7. Settlement of foundation is the major problem in the construction field. Thus, EDCEA will give much importance to ensure the same by adopting the standard test as “Determination of compaction of soil” as per IS 2720 (Part- 7 and 8).

8. Compressive strength of soil is also evolved by most advanced method of UCC Test (IS 2720- Part 10).

9. Facilities are available to perform the Consolidation Test as per IS 2720 (Part- 15).

10. CBR Test also conducted to know the subgrade strength of the soil (IS 2720-Part 16).

11. Co-efficient of permeability can be estimated in the laboratory (IS 2720- Part 17).

12. Apart from soil consultancy, EDCEA is focus on material testing to assess the quality of construction materials.

  • CEMENT ( as per IS 4031 )
    1. Consistency (Part -4)
    2. Initial and Final setting Time (Part -5)
    3. Compressive Strength (Part -6)
    4.  Fineness (Part -1)
    5. Soundness by Le- Chatlier (Part -3)
    6. Specific gravity (Part -11)
  • Compressive strength of concrete specimens are assessed by IS 516 and IS 14858.
  • Concrete mix design will be provided.

13. Advanced survey instrument as TST (Total Station Theodolite) is available in EDECA for general surveying and building construction.


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Build Expo

Every year, EDCEA conducts a successful exhibition of building materials and its allied products in the name of BUILD EXPO which helps the common people to know the best products available in the market, under one roof.


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